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Let The Jacko Sightings Commence

Already, thanks to that wonder of modern technology we call the Wild Wild Web, speculation has begun that Michael Jackson is in fact not dead. The Weekly World News which despite suspending its print edition a couple of years ago soldiers on upon the Internets bringing the light of truth to the world, claims to have predicted fifteen years ago that MJ would someday fake his death, and of a heart attack, no less, which is the official story of how he died at this time.
While I don't believe a word of it, if you think about, this is Michael Jackson we're talking about here, and if anyone was crazy enough to actually attempt to pull off a crazy stunt like faking his own death, it be Jackson. He had reason, after all. Suppose he decided he didn't want to do that 50 concert comeback/farewell stand that he'd foolishly and publicly committed himself to. If he just canceled, he'd be hit with dozens of lawsuits, which, being already millions of dollars in debt, he could in no way afford. There was only one way out: he had to die.
Of course, if the News is right, he's been planning this for a long time. That may be the real reason he married Lisa Marie. He wanted to know how Elvis pulled it off back in '77, and Lisa is the only who knows where the King is.
Of course, none of this is true. Many people loved Jackson, for reasons I will never fathom, and I know from far too much experience that when someone you love passes, it's very hard to let them go.

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