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Ok, a lot's been going on here at Wasted Potential HQ in the past few days, and a lot is happening in the next week or so, so I'm here to fill you in on all the excitement.
First off, for all of you who've dreamed of owning your very own Wasted Potential T-shirt, such a thing is now possible. Check out the brand new on-line Wasted Potential Store to get your official, licensed, trademarked, and, if I do say so myself, incredibly stylish Wasted Potential T-shirts. Two designs are currently available, and more will likely be added.
Meanwhile, the secret cabal of Central Ohio cartoonists known as Sunday Comix will once again this year have themselves a table at the major geekfest that is the annual Mid-Ohio Con. As I am a founding member of this group of misfits, I will be at the table attempting once more to lure unsuspecting civilians to this very site. To that end, I'll be printing up a new sampler featuring what I feel are the best strips uploaded so far in the year designated as 2009. The above mentioned T-Shirts will also be available for sale, as well as the books collecting the first two years of this strip.
Members of Sunday Comix will also once again be showing their artwork at Clintonville's Crimson Cup coffee house throughout the month of October. The exhibit opens this Friday with a reception at Crimson Cup from 7-9 pm. I. of course, will be participating. I plan to exhibit one of my Halloween themed strips.
Crimson Cup is located at 4541 N. High St. in the Columbus neighborhood of Clintonville. Full info on Mid-Ohio Con, including location and ticket prices and such, is at the MOC site linked to above.
Look forward to seeing you all there.

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