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24 Hour Comics Day

Ok, so there's still time to check out the Sunday Comix art exhibit at Crimson Cup Coffee House in Columbus, Ohio's fabulous Clintonville neighborhood. I am one of the many cartoonists whose work is on display, and it is, in fact, the original art for this week's strip that hangs upon the Cup's wall. The exhibit runs through the end of the week.
This Saturday at the Cup will be the Sunday Comix 24-Hour Comic Day, where brave cartoonists will gather to test the limits of their creativity and endurance by attempting to create a complete 24 page comic book in a mere 24 hours.
The national 24 Hour Comics Day, sponsored by publisher Nat Gertler's About Comics, was back on the 3rd of this month, but most local cartoonists were too busy at Mid-Ohio Con to participate, so Sunday Comix founder Max Ink organized our own local version.
I'm going to make another attempt to create a 24 Hour Comic this weekend (if I get enough sleep this week, that is.) I succeeded my first attempt in 2004, at the very first 24 Hour Comics Day, but pooped out about 11 p.m. on my second attempt the next year. Will I make it this time?
Why don't you drop by Crimson Cup Coffee House this weekend and find out? You can also check out the art exhibit while you're there, and, of course, get a darn fine cup of coffee.
Crimson Cup is located at 4541 N. High St.
See you there.

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