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There Will Be Cake

Standing out in front of my table at Mid-Ohio Con last Saturday and pressing copies of my latest free sampler mini-comic into the hands of all who tried to pass seems, at least in the short run, to have paid off. We had a spike in the number of page views last Sunday, and I hope that some of those people who sampled the strip last week liked what they saw and will now be regular readers.
Next week is the strip I've been working up to since January, so it's bound to be a big disappointment. Next Sunday, we celebrate Norm's 30th birthday, with a party and some unexpected guests.
The actual date of Norm's birthday is October 16, which is this coming Friday. Why this date?
Well, Norm, Bill and Sheila first appeared in a strip called "Norm's Dorm", which I drew for the Clarion University of Pennsylvania student newspaper, The Clarion Call, while I was a student there in the mid-1980's. The very first "Norm's Dorm" strip showed up in the Call on Thursday, October 16,1986. (So, in reality, Norm is actually a mere 23 years old...but nobody gets all anxious about turning 23, so there's very little comic potential there.)
Once again--Welcome to any new readers I've picked up, and I'll see you all here next week for the big party.

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