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Sorry If This Post Makes Little Sense, But I'm Really Tired

Last week, if you remember back that far, I told you that I would be participating in the Sunday Comix 24 Hour Comics Challenge this weekend, and as I write this I have returned home from spending the night sitting in the Crimson Cup Coffee House, weary but triumphant, having completed my second 24 Hour Comic. (Which puts me one up on Scott McCloud, the guy who came up with the whole concept, whose only ever done one.)
As you may know, the idea of the 24 Hour Comic Challenge is to complete a 24 page comics story within the space of a 24 hour period. All writing, character designs, penciling, inking and lettering must be done during those 24 hours. Not to brag, but I completed my latest opus in 19 and a half hours. Truthfully, the art, at least, is nothing to brag about, although I'm actually rather proud of the writing. For something that's totally made up as I went along while fighting just to keep my eyes open, I think it reads pretty well, and those who've read it have enjoyed it.
The story is entitled "Memories of Jane," and as soon as I get to a scanner and convert my crude pen strokes into pixels, I plan to post it for posterity on my Comic Space site. Notification of said eventuality, with, it should go with saying, a link, will be posted here on a future Sunday.

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